Celebrating Where the World Met and Became One...
Ely Renaissance Society
Ely, Nevada

The Ely Renaissance Society was founded  in
1999 by a group of individuals with the vision
of an attractive downtown area which would
be representative of the art and culture
belonging to the diverse group of people who
had built and strengthened the small
community through the years.  

As occurs in many mining towns, cycles of
“boom or bust” had left the community of Ely
Nevada dreaming for a more stable economy,
something more than mining alone.

In its heyday Ely had been a bustling town
with numerous small family owned
businesses catering to the needs of
the settling families to ranch, to work the mine
and build the railroad. People came from
everywhere, and the small town of Ely was a
true example of a diverse population.

The stories, characters, and the influences of
the many ethnic groups would not be lost.
And so, a movement sprang forth to not only
preserve and celebrate the richness of the
community, but also
to offer the story up to visitors.

Volunteers to the Ely Renaissance Society
began by commissioning
murals to show the
lifestyle of this Nevada community from
historical perspectives such as the Pony
Express, as well as modern times and the “age
of communication”.  Sculptures made from
mining machinery and parks with labyrinths,
began to spring up one by one.

The Global Mural Association held their 2004
conference in Ely to celebrate
the accomplishment. Tourists now take the
“Art Walk” to enjoy over 22 murals and
sculptures in the downtown area.

The next venture of the group was to
purchase a piece of property made up of 12
shotgun houses and a barn. These small
houses have been made into unique
museums depicting the turn of the
century population of Ely. Re-enactments and
living history presentations are held at the
“Ely Renaissance Village” as well as many
other yearly activities from Farmer’s Market
to the Art/Wine Walk which celebrates local
Nevada artists and
their work.

The Ely Renaissance Society welcomes
volunteers and donations.

If you would like more information about
our activities and meeting times please
contact us by email, or leave a comment on
our web site.

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Thank you to all of the individuals who have provided pictures for use on our web page: Caroline McIntosh,
Lorraine Clark, Darl Clark,  Margaret Bath, Virginia Terry, Glenn Terry, John Hickman, Arla Ruggles and Patricia Fua.